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Ebony femdom spanking

Updated Oct. 01, 2010

He's bent over the kitchen counter and she spanks him till his ass is crimson red. Using a belt and kitchen utensils to teach him a lesson. Ebony dominatrix GoddessMax smacks him until he can't take it anymore as he twists from side to side to avoid the stinging blows. Corporal punishment and spanking by ebony femdom GoddessMax.

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Strap-on domination with Sinnamon Love

Updated Sept 27, 2010

Dog training and humiliation POV with GoddessMax training YOU to be her slave dog. For all those unable to travel to Goddess for a session she trains you here online.
Tickling Torment with GoddessMax tickling her female pet tied to the bed.
Sinnamon Love get's a taste of Mistress Treasures Long black thick dildo that she's made to suck and worship.

Hot sexy footworship with a very delicious blonde Ashley Fires that loves to have her sexy feet eaten and worshipped.

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Mistress Maxx humiliates you with humiliation POV.

Updated Sept 16, 2010

Tickle Torment at the hands of a sadistic Mistress who enjoys merciless tickling while her female pet is tied to a bed and tormented by tickling her ebony feet and body.

Humiliation POV for those that want to be dominated but do not have the ability to visit your mistress in person. The perfect opportunity to be humiliated, verbally abused, tormented, and ridiculed by your gorgeous Goddess.

Tickle torture with Mistress Maxx

Mixed wrestling domination with an ebony femdom.

Updated Sept 09, 2010

POV humiliation at the hands of GoddessMax. She instructs you exactly how you will behave and guides you through your own personal domination through her strict instructions. Watch these clips and don't be late! She expects you to behave as you would in a real time session with her. Obey or be punished.
Get your skull squeezed by her thick strong ebony thighs which get wrapped around your neck and head causing all the blood to rush to your brain. Similar to being smothered but a little more erotic as you get very close to those sexy ebony thighs while she squeezes you. Mixed wrestling domination by an ebony Goddess.
Tickling torment with GoddessMax tickling without mercy her female Pet Aileen who's tied to a bed. She begs and shrieks but the Goddess is having too much fun.

Mixed wrestling domination

Smoking hot Ebony Mistress

Updated Sept 01, 2010

POV humiliation with GoddessMax and she trains you to be her dog. Dog training for all of you who desire to be GoddessMax slave without question. Total devotion to your ebony Mistress!

Ebony Dominatrix Mistress Treasure and Sinnamon Love in another 2 clips. Starts out with both in bed watching TV and of course turns into a pillow fight. Then some playfull female wrestling with Mistress Treasure taking charge and making Sinn worship her feet. A little breast play involved as well. Then Mistress Treasure wants to play with her huge big black strap-on and brings that out for Sinn to worship, suck, and be dominated with.

Mistress treasure

Ebony femdom assworship

Updated Aug 21, 2010

More scissors domination with Ebony Dominatrix Goddessmax in red fishnets and a shiny black corset that just cannot hold those boobs in place at all. Fortunately for us they just fell out and stayed there where we could all ogle them at our leisure. Headsqueezing domination by sexy ebony thighs.
POV domination and you get to be GoddessMax dog and entertain her by groveling at her feet for her amusement. Humiliation as GoddessMax puppydog. So grab your leash and kneel by your computer and worship this clip.
Exquisite Mistress Treasure in all of her muscle glory dominating Sinnamon Love as the spoiled school-girl with rich parents that has never had a school-mistress like this. Mistress Treasure gives Sinn an afternoon lesson in manners.

Mistress treasure

Mistress Treasure and Sinnamon Love

Updated Aug 10, 2010

Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax in pantyhose and nothing else. For all you pantyhose domination POV fans. Get up close and personal to GoddessMax delicious ass and worship her in this clip. This is as close as most of you will get to this ass...... unless you finally decide to pay for a session in person. Now pull up a chair and stick your nose between these cheeks.GoddessMax scissors her slave between her sexy ebony thighs. And topless no less. mmmmmmmm!! You'll want to be scissored too after watching her squeeze him senseless. Mixed wrestling scissorhold.

Mistress Treasure and Sinnamon Love........ 2 very sexy ebony dommes together in a video. Sinnamon is a sub in this series. Sinnamon is a snooty rich school-girl being tutored by a strict mistress and needs some lessons.
Preview Mistress Treasure

Mixed wrestling with GoddessMax

Updated Aug 02, 2010

Ebony femdom GoddessMax in shiny black vinyl pvc romper and red fishnets. She scissors her victims head with her strong ebony thighs squeezing him senseless. Somehow those gigantic melons of hers just keep popping up and out of that tight shiny black pvc outfit. And so will your eyes when you get to see her topless scissoring and then teasing you in breast worship POV where you're treated to her gorgeous naked tits. Stroke that cock to her round delicious tits while she teases you.

Mixed wrestling scissorhold

Mistress Treasure and GoddessMax

Updated July 25, 2010

Hom Smothering with ebony dominatrix GoddessMax choking and smothering a victim till he gasps his last breath. He thrashes about on the bed but she holds him down using her black gloves to finally silence him. Ultimate breath control.

Mistress Treasure dominates her female pet with spanking, boot worship, and nipple torment. Those gorgeous muscular thick thighs of hers in sexy black boots are worth the price of admission. You know you want to be dominated by those sexy thighs. Ohh yes you do!! Delicious!

Handsmother previews

HOM smothering in black gloves Ballbusting Bitches
Forced Assworship and smothering Mistress forces her slave to worship her ass

Updated July 14, 2010

Hand smothering in black gloves. She whispers in his ear as he's smothered while he struggles frantically under her weight. For fans of glove fetish and handsmother in gloves.

More ball slapping and then foot whipping with a wicked leather strap that stings viciously as he's whipped on his sles and tops of his feet.

Ass worship and then some smothering under her delicious sexy thighs and round ass. He likes to piss her off so he can stay under her longer.

Mixed wrestling previews

Black Glove Fetish Hand over mouth smothering
Smoking fetish Ball busting Goddess

Updated July 04, 2010

Hand smothering and black satin glove fetish are featured with GoddessMax in opera length black satin gloves which she uses to smother and choke her victim with.

The finale in our Smoking Voyeur series where you the viewer are humiliated and made fun of by Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax and her female Pet while they smoke and belittle you.

GoddessMax wraps her hand around a slaves balls and slaps and smacks them around as he lays on a table. There's even more punishment if he resists and tries to block her hands.

HOm smother in black gloves

Ebony Dominatrix slave training Foot Worship with a Mistress
Ebony Dominatrix smoking in her dungeon. Ballbusting by his Mistress

Updated June 23, 2010

Sexy ebony dominatrix foot worship. This ebony femfom has just finished her nails and wants her slave to worship her sexy ebony feet and toes. A Goddess needs endless worshipping by her slaves after a long day of shopping with girlfriends. Her tired sweaty feet need some pampering and attention.

Ball slapping while her favorite slave lies on a table and has to well..... just lay there and take it while his mistress slaps his balls without mercy.

Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax and her female Pet Aileen lay on a couch smoking and humiliate you the viewer.

Ebony dominatrix ballbusting

Ebony Ballbusting Tickle torture with her female pet.
Foot worship his mistress feet. Ebony femdom foot worship.

Updated June 14, 2010

Brutal ballbusting action as this ebony femdom kicks her slave in the balls over and over laughing the whole time.

The laughing continues as Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax tickles her giggling female pet with a large brush. She begs to have her stop but this mistress is having too much fun.

After a long day of dominating her slaves goddessMax enjoys having every inch of her sexy ebony feet and soles licked and worshipped.

Ebony femdom footworship

Ballbusting Goddess Ebony ballbusting
Hot smoking fetish clips Foot worship fetish

Updated June 08, 2010

GoddessMax slaps, kicks and plays with her favorite slaves balls. Red hot dress and fishnets with a red hot Goddess that LOves to play with mens balls.

Smoking clip with GoddessMax and Aileen and You the smoking pervert in a very cool smoking POV clip.

Blonde gets her feet worshipped and licked and just has to get her hand inside her panties to satisfy herself. She gets horny as hell while being worshipped.

Foot Worship previews

Mistress Treasure foot worship clips. Sexy Foot Worship video clips.
Tickling video clips Hot sexy foot worship clips.

Updated June 01, 2010

Mistress Treasure and GoddessMax team up in some humiliating foot worship-foot domination POV clips. Small dick humiliation and foot worship POV are featured. Sexy POV with 2 ebony femdoms.

Mistress GoddessMax plays with her female pet on the couch and uses a large bristle brush to torment her sexy toes and ebony soles. Tickle torment by ebony femdom GoddessMax.

Hot footworship on a sexy blonde that gets so turned on she reaches inside her red panties and masturbates. This is one blonde that really gets into her footworship with a passion.

Foot domination clips

Ebony femdom Tickling torture Ebony dominatrix tickles without mercy
Ebony dominatrix tickles. Foot tickling by ebony femdom GoddessMax.

Updated May 19, 2010

Mistress GoddessMax has tied up her female pet on her spanking table for some devilish ebony femdom tickling fun. Tickle torment on a very giggly, ticklish female slave. She begs for mercy but gets none from GoddessMax, as she laughs her way through the tickle tormente fun.

Tickle torture video preview

Extreme femdom ballbusting and cbt. Ebony dominatrix ballbusting her slave to the maxx!
Ballbusting action with hard kicks from GoddessMax. This mistress subjugates her slave with some hard ballbusting.

Updated May 02, 2010

Hard BallBusting action for May Updates!

Ebony femdom GoddessMax in an extreme ballbusting clip featuring hard kicks to the balls with her shiny black high heel boots. Heavy knees to the balls and some unexpected hard punching to his balls with her fist. This Goddess means business!

Behind the scenes uncut footage of some of our ballbusting clips and as an added bonus a second camera catches the action you missed from a sideview giving you a birdseye view from the floor of the hard kicks and knees to the balls.

Preview my latest ballbusting clips here.

Ass worship with ebony dominatrix Sinnamon Love Facesitting and assworship clip
Ballbusting featuring Mistress Maxxyne Payne Mistress Treasure and ebony dominatrix GoddessMax trampling a slave.

Updated April 28, 2010

Mistress Treasure and ebony femdom GoddessMax trample their slave and use him as their own personal Persian rug. He's stepped on, jumped on and made to worship their delicious ebony feet. What a feast!!! Not one but 2 ebony dominatrix who's feet need worshipping.

Sinnamon Love sits on her office managers face and treats him to a view of her big round delicious ebony ass. This ass was made to worship let me tell you. His head disappears into her ass cheeks and is never to be seen again. Lucky guy dominated by an office girl.

Ballbusting with GoddessMax in fishnets and a sexy short blue dress. He's big but GoddessMax has a very big kick. And loves to ballbust!!

Facesitting and smothering previews featuring SinnamonLove.

Hard spankings with a paddle. Mistress treasure and GoddessMax
Nipple torture with Mistress Treasure Mistress Treasure and Mistress Maxxyne Payne humiliate their slave.

Updated April 21, 2010

Mistress Treasure and GoddessMax have their slave tied to a bed. They tease him by biting his nipples and beating his cock with a crop. Snapping the tip sharply across his cock just when he thought he was getting some pleasure by one of them biting his nipple. How long can he stand it before his erect cock cannot take it anymore and he cums?
How long could you last with these 2 ebony femdoms teasing the hell out of you??

The finale in the Feminized and spanked series. Mistress Maxxyne Payne has finished her wooden paddle spanking and rubs her hands ALL over her slaves pantyhose ass and thighs. He gets very excited and she invites him to masturbate in front of her. But he's NOT allowed to cum. That's part of the torment. Tease and then total denial.

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Mistress Treasure sits on a slaves face. Ass worship with Mistress Treasure.
Forced orgasms by Mistress Maxxyne Payne Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax in her dungeon.

Updated April 13, 2010

Mistress Treasure and Mistress Maxxyne Payne gang up on a lucky slave for some duo ebony domination. Mistress Payne sits on his face for some much needed ass worship while Mistress Treasure sits on his legs and punches him in the stomach. This is what we call pleasure and pain. They take turns having him worship their delicious round asses. Probably the 2 best bubble butts in the entire universe getting worshipped by a very lucky slave.


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Ballbusting in fishnets with Mistress Maxxyne Payne

Updated April 12, 2010

Another DVD download made available to our members. Ballbusting in fishnets the entire series is now a free download inside our members lounge. Become a member NOW and enjoy all of our free DVD downloads along with over 30 hours of ebony femdom videos.

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Forced orgasms Hard spankings with a wooden paddle
Hot smoking video Ebony smoking in black fishnets

Updated April 01, 2010

Nothing like a mistress with a wooden paddle and a customer wearing pantyhose and a pink negligee. She pounds his ass till its swollen and bright red. Very hard paddling.

GoddessMax wants to be worshipped while you kneel next to her while she smokes. She blows smoke in your face while you listen to her talk. It's a no smoking condo but Goddess lets you know what happened to the poor manager that tried to put a stop to all of these smoking videos.

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Ebony femdom domination. Forced orgasms by ebony dominatrix.
Spanked hard by Mistress GoddessMax. Hot mistress smoking clips.

Updated March 25, 2010

Added a new series featuring ebony femdom dominating her female slave with controlled orgasms. She's secured with metal collars unable to resist and then out comes the large vibrator to drive her absolutely crazy. Turned on high and then used on her wet pussy to produce orgasm after orgasm out of her.

Hot smoking clip with GoddessMax in sexy fishnets, white socks, and pigtails. Just like the hot girl next door you've always wanted but could never get the nerve to date. Hot pov smoking clip.

VERY hard spanking and paddling with a mistress that delivers an extreme paddling to a customer wanting a spanking. He gets that and much much more than he ever imagined.

Free mistress spanking video clips.

Femdom Mistress Ultra Violet Mistress Ultra Violet
GoddessMax spanks with a wooden paddle Hard wooden paddle spankings.

Updated March 18, 2010

Added 2 clips featuring Mistress Ultra Violet making her male sub suck her long black plastic cock. She shoves it into his mouth and gags him with it. She makes him her little cocksucker.

Add more wooden paddle spanking with GoddessMax making her feminized male slave to take a hard spanking over a bench.

Free ebony femdom video clips.

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Ballbusting in Fishnet pantyhose. Free ballbusting video previews.
Hard spanking with a wooden paddle. Wild tickling in the tickle dungeon.

Updated March 10, 2010

Added more ballbusting with GoddessMax in fishnet pantyhose and a short mini dress.

Added spanking with a wooden paddle. He comes for a spanking session but gets feminized into her worn pantyhose and made to wear her black nylon panties. Then gets bent over her spanking bench for a hard paddling. Wooden paddle gets broken over his ass in this clip.

Added more wild shrieking tickling in the tickle dungeon with a naked female sub that does not want to be tickled and almost tears apart the medical bench with her struggling.

free femdom ballbusting clips.

Hard HandSpankings by GoddessMax Domina Maxxyne Payne breaks a paddle while spanking her slave.
Smoking fetish with GoddessMax Tickling in GoddessMax dungeon.

Updated March 01, 2010

Added another clip with hard spankings including with a wooden paddle. GoddessMax breaks her paddle over her slaves ass in this clip. Features an actual taped session with GoddessMax compelling her client into a pair of her worn pantyhose and making him wear a pair of her favorite black nylon panties for his spanking session.

Added a smoking clip with GoddessMax in fishnet pantyhose, white socks and pigtailsjust like the girl next door.

Added another tickling clip from the dungeon featuring a wildly shrieking naked female sub who does not want to be tickled.

Preview spanking video clips

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Hard Spankings Hard Hand spankings
Tickling Dungeon Tickling Dungeon at GoddessMax

Updated Feb. 24, 2010

Added a new series of clips with GoddessMax taped during an actual session with a client who wanted a hard spanking. He didn't know she had a surprise for him. She has him dress up in a pair of her own favorite worn pantyhose and a pair of her black nylon panties. She then makes him put on a bright pink teddy from her lingerie drawer and and now it's time for his spanking. HARD spanking during which she breaks 2 wooden paddles over his ass.

Added a new tickling series with the same girls from our Tickling Mob. This time naked female sub Spryte is strapped tightly into the medical bench. She hates to be tickled and struggles and screams while they tickle her feet and body. Three girls tickling her all at the same time while she screams and shrieks.

Ebony femdom tickling clips

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