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 Glove fetish and smothering by a black mistress

Updated Jan 18, 2015

Drunk Text Smother
Red Glove fetish and hand smother by a Black Mistress.
Ebony Goddess is mad as hell with Billy Bob. He's been drunk texting her for 2 days now all because he desperately wanted a session with her. Non stop drunk texts, just unintelligible gibberish, that has Goddess in a fury. She lets him come over but decides he must pay a price. And she has the bright red gloves in her lingerie drawer that are perfect for the job. Going to smother his dumb ass until he cannot breathe anymore. Choke him, and smother him. Take his breath away for good. She puts on her bright red gloves and slaps him and spits in his face while he's on his knees. He struggles hard but she grabs his face and smothers his breath away covering his face with her strong hands. She delights in hand over mouth smother.

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Ebony Femdom Ballbusting

Updated Jan 07, 2015

The Secret About BallBusting
I get asked all the time about BallBusting by guys interested in being busted. You wanna do it but you've never tried it. Your cock ACHES for me to really kick the outa you. But you always wonder.......Could you really take it?? Could you take the pain?? Now I'm here to reveal the secret to you. The Secret to BallBusting. The secret about BallBusting that all of you are wondering about. The secret to Ballbusting and how it really works. Finally a video for all of you on the fence who have been wondering about how does this ballbusting work anyways?? And how can I find out if this is really for me. Join me and Find out how all this ballbusting stuff really works.

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Sexy Face Sitting bikini Girls

Updated Dec. 18, 2014

True Love
Ebony Mistress wants to try something different in her relationship with her main squeeze. She wants to try Face Sitting on his face. A new kind of foreplay. I'm sure you'll love it she tells him. Now get your head down there so I can sit on your face. Is it hard for you to breathe? She sits on his head and face holding him down while he struggles to breathe. Don't you just LOve this she laughs - but he cannot hear her, his face is smothered under Ebony ass. Face Sitting and ass smothering with Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax.

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Ebony Mistress Trampling updates


Updated Dec. 10, 2014

Gone With The Wind Fabulous
Sexy 6'Tall Ebony Mistress Lady Jayden and Ebony FemDom GoddessMax team up to trample and dominate Billy Bob with their ebony soles. 2 Hot ebony dommes and 1 lucky guy that gets to experience the full weight of both girls trampling and stepping all over his body with their sexy ebony soles. They dance and twerk and rub their feet all over this guys body. Foot domination, trampling and humiliation by 2 of the hottest ebony dommes on the planet. You will wish YOU were on the floor being humiliated by these 2 before it's over.

Squeeze Play
Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax and Bryan Balldacious are having a conversation over a drink at a popular Vegas Bistro when Goddess decides to slip her foot under the table and start to massage Bryan's balls with her foot. A little cock tease with your martini. As the conversation progresses she removes her shoe and slides her sexy ebony toes into his crotch squeezing his balls with her ebony soles and talking like nothing at all is going on. He gets teased and squeezed the whole time under the table while they talk while Ebony Goddess sexy toes do most of the talking under the table much to the chagrin of Bryan Balldacious. An erotic cock tease encounter with a sexy Ebony Goddess who loves to tease and squeeze.

Preview Trampling and foot fetish clips4sale

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Ballbusting Ebony Dommes


Updated Dec. 03, 2014

Fool Hand Luke
What we got here is...... A Failure to communicate!! Goddess has her slave boi on his knees before her like a scene out of the Godfather or better yet Cool Hand Luke. He's on his knees while she pours herself a stiff shot of her Fav drink courtesy of Jack. He's here down on his knees to be humiliated and corrected for showing up drunk to a filming session. On his knees before the Boss to be disciplined for showing disrespect for his Ebony Goddess. Every white boi needs to know his place before an Ebony Goddess and she has him right where every white boi belongs..... beneath her on his knees looking up. He gets ballbusted and humiliated and learns just who the boss is.

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Face Sitting with Cheyenne Jewel


Updated Nov. 22, 2014

SchoolGirl Fantasies
Featuring Facesitting and smothering with Cheyenne Jewel.
Alix has Fantasies of being dominated and humiliated by schoolgirls in white socks. A fav fantasy is to be held down and smothered while she face sits him under her schoolgirl outfit. He gets a session with who else of course Cheyenne Jewel to be his schoolgirl fantasy. She holds him down on a bench in her dungeon and smothers his struggling face under her delicious ass. Breathing is impossible when she presses her ass over his mouth and nose and makes him struggle. I'm gonna smother you with my pussy she giggles while he squirms around under her.

Face Sitting Fantasies

Those are My Nuts
Mixed wrestling and fighting with an Ebony Goddess that LOves to bust your balls. She starts off right off the bat putting him in a choke hold and then grabbing his nuts and squeezing them until he pleads like a little girl. Nothing like getting your victim in scissorholds both front and reverse and then punching them in the balls hard so they feel the full effect of what an Ebony Goddess can do. This is mixed fighting combined with ball abuse and ballbusting. She wrestles him down and then goes after his balls with a vengeance.

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Black Pantyhose Ballbusting


Updated Nov. 11, 2014

Black Pantyhose Ballbusting
Ballbusting and Pantyhose Domination by an Ebony Goddess.
This Pantyhose Perv loves the feel of sexy black pantyhose on his balls. He LOves to worship, smell, and feel those black sexy hose that Goddess likes to wear. And he shall get his wish of feeling the black pantyhose on his balls. Because these are her ballbusting pantyhose as well. Sexy black patterned hose that go so well with a pair of bruised balls. Goddess LOves to ballbust guys and enjoys every second of this clip. He gets kicked over and over while she shows off in her sexy patterned pantyhose letting him admire her hose in between the ballbusting.

Black Pantyhose ballbusting previews

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Female Domination and Ebony Femdom Ballbusting with GoddessMax


Updated Nov. 03, 2014

Balls Crushed in my Vice
Female Domination EXtreme with Ebony Femdom GoddessMax.
After the brutal hammering of his balls using a 5 lb home depot construction hammer Ebony Dominatrix Goddess wants to try out yet another one of her CBT toys in her toy chest of horrors. It's a wicked little vice that she wants to use to slowly crush his balls with until they are paper thin. All red and blotchy looking from being squeezed flat between two plexiglass plates contained in a vice from the little shop of horrors. Ebony Goddess laughs wickedly when she pulls this thing out and shows it to him. She LOves to play with a guys balls but she never plays nice. It always involves a little pain. You'll wince in pain seeing his balls get slowly crushed in this wicked little vice of hers.

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Pantyhose Worship with Mistress Maxxyne Payne


Updated Oct. 27, 2014

Brown Sugga
Slave Andy thought for sure Ebony Goddess was inviting him back to her place for some Brown Sugga. So he did what any man would do. He took his clothes off while she went into the other room. When she comes back in she be littles his dick and him for being a white cracker thinking he could actually have a black girl. She makes fun of him and he decides to be a smart ass and makes fun of her black race. He starts saying all of the racial clichés that white people have about black people. Let me run out and get a bucket of KFC for you along with some watermelon.
He gets it and gets it good as she starts ballbusting his smart mouth bitch ass. "c'mon and stand back up and take it. How do you like my black feet on your bruised balls?

Pantyhose Perv
Pantyhose Domination for a perv for Ebony Goddess in sexy black pantyhose. He's been abused at the hands of the Ebony Dream Team for an entire week and finally gets his chance at worshipping GoddessMax sexy shiny black pantyhose. During this shoot he gets a little carried away with the worshipping and Goddess has to put him back into place and remind him that this is pantyhose domination and worship not his opportunity to grope his mistress.

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Ballbusting Ebony Mistress


Updated Oct. 12, 2014

Pumping Your Balls
Ebony Mistress has her white slave right where she wants him. On the floor beneath her under her ebony soles to be used as her personal rug for some ballbusting and ballcrushing. She crushes and steps on his balls rubbing her sexy size 10 ebony soles all over them. She loves to Pedal pump those balls using his balls as the pedal in her car. It's pedal to the metal with GoddessMax as she pedal pumps Jack Steeles balls.

Preview Ebony femdom ballbusting clips

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Ballbusting Ebony Femdom


Updated Oct. 02, 2014

Ballbusting my Boyfriend
"Honey I want to try something different on our date to-nite. Try something new. I saw it on the internet. It's called ballbusting and I'm sure you'll love it. This is about me not about you. This is about what I want and what turns me on. So lets get your pants off and lets get started cause I can't wait to try this out on you."

Ebony Goddess ballbusting and ball stomping her boyfriend on a date. She gets turned on and he gets his balls crunched under her sexy ebony feet.

Ballbusting preview clips4sale

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Mixed wrestling with Enchantress Sahrye
Wrestling with Enchantress SahryeSmothered by Sexy Babe in black pantyhoseEnchantress Sahrye dominates in black pantyhose
Mixed wrestling in sexy black pantyhoseScissorvixen Enchantress SahryeEnchantress Sahrye loves mixed wrestling
Ebony facesitting by a strict black mistressFacesitting with Ebony Goddess Maxxyne Paynesmothering tight facesitting by a black mistress

Click To Enlarge

Updated Sept. 22, 2014

Black Pantyhose Squeeze
Featuring Sexy Bondage model Enchantress Sahrye.
He thinks if he gets a mixed wrestling session with a gorgeous bondage model she'll go easy on him. He can enjoy a relaxing session captured between her luscious thighs and just lay back and enjoy those delicious thighs wrapped around his head.
Enchantress Sahrye has other plans for this jerk. He's going to get exactly what he came for. A mixed wrestling scissorhold session. But imprisoned between her sexy thighs he's going to get the head squeeze of his life.
With her sexy patterned pantyhose wrapped around his struggling skull she punishes him with figure 4's, straight leg scissors, and nice tight reverse scissors. He really gets a feel for those strong sexy thighs in sexy pantyhose when she gets done with him. Maybe a bondage models thighs aren't so weak after all?
Pantyhosewrestling, scissorhold and mixed wrestling domination with gorgeous bondage model Enchantress Sahrye.


Face Sitting Fix
GoddessMax gives Hoodman a much needed face sitting fix. He usually gets a good beating when he sessions with his FAV Ebony addiction but this time things are different. This time she puts on her favorite sexy white bikini for a face sitting ass smothering session using Hoodmans face for her own private seat cushion. Her round ebony ass cheeks cover his face like a blanket and she rides his nose like a cowgirl. Ass smothering, face sitting ass cheek heaven for a guy expecting a beating any second now.

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Tickling Fetish
Ebony Tickle Fetish Bikini Tickle FetishSexy Bikini Wrestling
Ebony Bikini FacesittingBound and TickledWrestled Down and Tickled
Sexy Bikini wrestlingTickling Fetish with GoddessMaxSexy Bikini Tickling


Updated Sept. 10, 2014

Bound and Tickled
Ebony Goddess in a sexy Hot Yellow bikini has Alix with his hands bound behind him on the floor for a tickle torture session that he is dreading. He giggles like a little schoolgirl while she tickles him as he thrashes around trying to get away. She even has to sit on his face to hold him down so she can tickle his belly while his legs thrash around. She loves sitting on him holding him down while tickling the hell outa him as he struggles to get away. It's almost a tickle wrestling match as he wriggles and struggles around while she sits on him laughing hysterically while he gets his share of tickle torture. Tickle Fetish with your favorite Ebony Goddess.

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Brat Princess Sarah Diavola and Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax enjoy Foot Worship
Ebony Footfetish updatesFootworship with Sarah DiavolaFoothumiliation with Brat Princess Sarah Diavola
Foot Domination by Brat Princess and Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMaxSarah Diavola humiliates her Foot Worship slaveFemdom Sarah Diavola web updates

Click on Pic to Enlarge

Updated Sept. 01, 2014

Ebony and Ivory Foot Domination
2 of the Hottest Dommes on the F*cking Planet for you pervs to salivate over Bitches! Brat Princess Sarah Diavola and Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax have their Pet as a foot stool for them to dominate and humiliate. Foot Domination and humiliation while they rub their sexy assed feet and toes all over their Pets face while he lays obediently at their feet with his mouth taped shut because these 2 have no interest in anything he has to say. Goddessmax with her sexy size 10's and Brat Princess with her perfectly pedicured sexy toes rub their feet all over their footstools face giving you pervs a perfect view of their sexy wrinkly soles. Now get on your knees Bitches and Worship this clip!

MORE Behind the scenes from our shoots included in this update

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FemDom POV Humiliation with Goddess Tierra and Lady Jayden

Updated Aug 10, 2014

Show Us The Money Bitch
Femdom POV featuring Goddess Tierra and Lady Jayden.
Look at this F*cking Loser! He's drooling over us. He's got a f*cking boner. Do you wanna F*ck us loser?? The only thing a loser like you is good for is money. Emptying your wallet is the only thing a loser like you can do to please us. In fact take it out right now while your jacking off. Your ITTY BITTY little dick in your hand. Get on your knees, put your credit card in your mouth and Jerk Off for us loser!

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Mixed Wrestling Beatdown by Black Amazons
Mixed wrestling amazonsStrong sexy scissorholdSqueezed by an amazon scissorvixen
Ballbusting AmazonsWicked Ebony BallbustingEbony femdom ballbusting
Click Pic to Enlarge

Updated Aug 01, 2014

Bam Smash Pow
Mixed wrestling beatdown with a powerful Ebony Amazon who LOves to break you down.
Any girl with the words POW POW in big letters scrawled across her chest should be approached with caution. Balldacious takes on this Ebony Amazon in a mixed fight and gets exactly what it says on her shirt. POW POW right to the balls. She punches him in the balls right off the bat and it's a fight to the finish after that. Balldacious finish and demise that is. She combines tight squeezing scissorholds with punches and kicks to his balls throughout. His balls get flattened along with his head which she keeps tightly squeezed between her ebony thighs while she dishes out the punishment. This is a one sided fight after the first punch to the balls. After that it's tight head squeezing scissors combined with ballbusting. If you like watching mixed wrestling headscissors and ballbusting combined into one then you'll love this clip.

preview mixed wrestling clips

Ebony Fishnet Worship-POV

I tease you with My fishnet covered ebony hotness. I am such an evil temptress, and I enjoy it. Cum to your knees and worship My sweet ebony ass in fishnets. Jerk it to Me, I look incredible in My red fishnets and you know it.

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Girls who love mixed wrestling

Updated July 20, 2014

Too Pretty to Fight
Mixed wrestling beatdown with GoddessMax up against a wiseguy who thinks she's just too good looking to know how to fight.
Your too pretty to fight says Lance to GoddessMax being the wiseguy that he is. No way your a fighter. I know I can take you she says..................You like my sweet ebony thighs wrapped around your head while I squeeze you? Your not going to pass out on me now are you? She punches, kicks and scissors his head in a mixed wrestling grudgematch. He's never had a "Girl" fight like this way before. She uses her ebony thighs to soften this wiseguy up. GoddessMax teaches Lance that being a pretty girl can also mean you're strong vicious and dirty. You just never know when that Georgia Peach will turn into the Bitch from Hell!

Lots of scissorholds front and reverse with an awesome figure 4 hold mixed in with punches to his stomach while he's getting squeezed out by her strong athletic ebony thighs.

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Face Sitting and Smothering by Big Ebony ass girls


Updated July 09, 2014

Big Ebony Ass Smother
He gets exactly what was coming to him. A face full of Huge Ebony Ass. Been staring at her cheeks all morning when she finally had enough. You want ass Bitch your gonna get some ass she remarks. She sits full weight with her giant basketball sized ass cheeks on him and makes his face disappear under her. You'll need search and rescue to find this F*ckr underneath all that ass. This 6' Tall Ebony Goddess loves to make guys suffer. And she LOves to smother a guy out. She grinds her ass into his face making it impossible to breathe. She grabs hold of his hands and smashes her big ass cheeks into his face smothering the breath right out of him. He struggles but she holds him tight and completely takes all his air leaving him gasping for breath. Facesitting with this Ebony Goddess can be hazardous to your health. She needs a warning label attached to those ass cheeks. Featuring 6'Tall Lady Jayden with those big ass cheeks of hers. Face Sitting and Smothering with an Ebony Goddess.

Face Sitting and Smother Previews

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Smothering and glove fetish with GoddessMax
Black glove fetishBlack Glove Assassin clipsWomen wearing black leather gloves
Sexy short black leather glovesBlack glove hand smotheringFemale assassins with black leather gloves

Click on Thumb to Enlarge


Updated July 01, 2014

Black Glove Assassin
Sexy Short black leather gloves and a gorgeous ebony assassin with a penchant for smothering her clients until they can no longer breathe. Smothering with this ebony babe can be very dangerous to your health. She should be required to have a Warning label on her forehead. Because for this victim who likes a little smother and glove fetish in his sessions she decides it's going to be his last time. His last breath will be in her strong leather gloved hands gasping for air, struggling to breathe.

Behind The Scenes with the Ebony Dream Team
More behind the scenes footage shot as it happened unedited. If you like reality TV then you will LOve our behind the scenes action as it's uncut and unedited raw footage of our girls. Featuring Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax, Lady Jayden, and Miss Tierra.

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Black Pantyhose Domination

Updated June 17, 2014

Black Pantyhose Crush
Ebony Goddess in sexy patterned black Pantyhose and short blue dress. She crushes, squishes, and flattens his balls with the soles of her ebony feet. She stands on him and steps on his balls flattening them with her Black pantyhose toes. Emphasis on pantyhose legs and feet crushing his balls flat as a pancake. This Ebony Goddess delights in just crushing his balls under her black pantyhose toes while he squirms under her.

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Ballbusting with Ebony Femdom GoddessMax

Updated June 10, 2014

She Busted My Nuts
More than any other company we LOve to film behind the scenes footage and leave it in our clips unedited because guys want to see what goes on in reality in GoddessMax world of ballbusting domination. This contains half unedited behind the scenes footage and half ballbusting footage. GoddessMax ballbusts Balldacious and Beau in both her red high heel shoes and barefoot. Shot in Vegas with Balldacious and Beau coming up to the girls room at the Cosmopolitan for some ballbusting punishment. They just cannot seem to get enough for their ballbusting fix.

Black FemDom Ballbusting

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Foot Fetish and Foot Domination clips
Ebony Foot FetishSmell my stinky black ebony feetFoot Worship with an Ebony Goddess
Foot Domination with Jason Ninja and GoddessMaxLicking my smelly ebony feetEbony Femdom Goddessmax with her foot slave

Click to Enlarge

Updated June 03, 2014

Lick My Smelly Black Feet
Foot Fetish and Foot Domination with your Favorite Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax with her foot worship pet Jason Ninja.
"I have been out in the Hot Florida sun all day long and my feet are tired, sweaty and they stink. They need to be worshipped now. Before I take a shower. While you can still smell them. Smell them and then lick the sunshine right off my size 10 ebony feet. I like how you worship my soles. These delicious size 10's. All sweaty and smelly ready for you to worship."

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Ebony Femdom Humiliation

Updated May 22, 2014

Owned By 3 Ebony Dommes
Interracial Domination with 3 of the top internet ebony Goddess. Goddess Lexi Brown, 6' tall Lady Jayden Payne, and GoddessMax Humiliate, degrade, and force him to suck the heels on their shoes. This clip has lots of Racial Humiliation and degradation.

Oiled up and Fit in Bikinis
Goddess Tierra, 6'Tall Lady Jayden Payne, and Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax getting ready for a shoot at Fetishcon. They rub themselves down with oil smoothing the lotion over their Delicious Ebony skin. GoddessMax and Lady Jayden Payne do some fitness squats to get their legs ready and warmed up for some scissorholds. Three Delicious bikini bodies in one clip. Makes your mouth water doesn't it guys. Get it while it's HOT!! Behind the scenes with the Ebony Dream Team.

Preview Ebony Femdom Foot Fetish Clips

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mixed wrestling domination with GoddessMax

Updated May 09, 2014

Double Mixed Wrestling Scissor Squeeze Domination
This is Part 1 of a 2 part Ebony Squeeze-a-thon with 2 very strong Ebony ladies teaming up on one guy.
Introducing 6' Tall Lady Jayden Payne in her very first mixed wrestling clip. This is a double scissors domination clip with Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax showing her Sista how to squeeze a man. They take turns scissoring him with GoddessMax showing Jayden how. But we quickly find out she really doesn't need a whole lot of coaching as she uses her long 6' ebony thighs with no effort at all. She's a natural and really makes Billy Bob suffer between her strong ebony thighs. Lady Jayden Payne has long very lean legs on her 6' frame making them perfect for her victims necks. She loves to make a guy suffer and shows him no mercy. Her figure 4 headscissors is TIGHT!!

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Pantyhose Domination with Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax
Ebony Pantyhose DominationWorship my sexy PantyhoseSexy Ebony Pantyhose Domination
Ebony Femdom FootWorshipEbony Femdom Nylon worshipEbony Femdom Foot Fetish

Updated May 01, 2014

These Pantyhose must be Worshipped.
Don't you just LOve my sexy patterned pantyhose? These definitely need to be worshipped. They are too sexy not to be. Too hot to be ignored. By you on your knees.
Sexy Ebony Dominatrix Maxxyne Payne wearing patterned pantyhose that definitely HAVE to be worshipped by her pet. These are just TOO sexy to not be worshipped. From the tips of her Ebony toes to the tops of her hose and you had better come correct. Or feel the wrath of an Ebony Goddess.

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Ebony Dominatrix Trampling and foot fetish

Updated April 21, 2014

Sub - Rehab Reality TV Series 3 Part1
An unedited Reality series with GoddessMax and her real life slave Pasquale.
GoddessMax is coming into the Final stages of Re-Habilitating her Slave. In this Reality series he is now finally able to endure some ballbusting once again and Goddess is working on getting him to endure most of her punishments. It takes time to Re-Hab a guy that's turned Vanilla and now once again wants to serve a Dominatrix. Most Vanilla guys cannot take or endure the harsh punishments. They MUST be trained. Pasqual is getting close to being re-habbed by GoddessMax. In this clip he endures ball slapping and ball abuse with GoddessMax in her sexy short leather gloves.

Trained to be Fit

Your such a Fat F*uck!!! Going to make you drop some pounds! Or better yet maybe cause your such a lazy Fat F*ck I'll drop some pounds on top of your lazy fat body. How bout I drop my booty on your fat stomach and flatten that blubber belly of yours! We are graduating up one more level in our exercise routine this time in tenderizing and slimming down your fat F*ck waistline. And because you won't lose weight on your own I'm going to have to do it for you. Drop my 153 pounds of booty onto your fat beer belly and flatten out that stomach.
Fitness training, belly drops, and a hard trampling routine by Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax.

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FootWorship updates with GoddessMax
Ebony Foot FetishPantyhose Domination FantasiesSexy Ebony Foot Worship
Ebony Femdom POVFoot Fetish Fantasies with an Ebony GoddessFemdom POV Pantyhose domination

Updated April 09, 2014

Foot Vision
Look at my gorgeous sexy ebony feet and toes. It's called Foot Vision Bitches! Foot Worship with my Foot on your face. My sexy ebony toes in your mouth. Your face up close and personal licking my wrinkly ebony soles. Deep purple nail polish on perfectly manicured toes for you to worship and lick like a popsicle on a hot summers day. My ebony feet in your face. Foot Vision for a foot fetish voyeur like yourself. Come on in and enjoy my sexy ebony toes! WORSHIP THEM!

Pantyhose Blues POV
GoddessMax in sexy white Hose and heels which she removes to let you smell her stocking Ebony pantyhose feet. Femdom Pov Pantyhose domination and footworship for all of my Ebony foot fetish followers. Come inside and worship my POV clips.

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Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax of Atlanta

Updated April 01, 2014

MC Hammer "You Can't Touch This" is one of Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax's Fav songs. Cept she's changed the words around to "You CAN Touch This" especially with her 5 pound construction Hard rubber Hammer. She has Bryan BallDacious handcuffed and in his favorite position. Balls Fully exposed to the sadistic intentions of a gorgeous Ebony Goddess. Goddessmax ties his balls up, stretches them over a leather stool and brings out one of her newest Favorite toys. A REAL construction rubber workmans mallet. This is a real hammer boys. Not a prop. A home depot 5 lb Hard rubber construction mallet. BallDacious had no idea she was bringing this dreaded instrument of destruction with her. He was looking forward to a little painful cbt with some rope. Goddess pulls out her evil little toy with a smirk proudly showing it off while Bryan looks on in horror. NOT for the Squeamish!!

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Ebony Femdom Footworship with GoddessMax
Foot Fetish UpdatesShoe Fetish with GoddessMaxGoddessMax Shoe Worship Clips4sale
Ebony Female Domination Shoe Worship UpdatesEbony FemDom Shoe FetishHigh Heel Shoe Fetish

Click on Pic to Enlarge

Updated March 20, 2014

Worship my High Heels Bitch
Ebony Femdom GoddessMax in a short sexy yellow dress and with a pair of her favorite Steve Madden shoes on decides it's time to have a foot worship session.
Men LOve anything sparkly and Shiny. Smooth Shiny skin, sparkly shiny sexy outfits on a girl and especially my sexy Sparkly Steve Maddens. Nothing sexier than a hot pair of high heels on shiny sexy legs for a guy to worship. And worship he does. He licks my sexy high heels clean from the bottoms all the way up the heel. Licks them and worships them. He LOves my high heels. And so will YOU!! Come and worship me and my high heel shoes!! You know you want to! This is as close to my sexy ebony thighs as you'll ever get. So why not come see exactly how they look. You might even FEEL them.

Preview Footworship clips by Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax

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Ebony Foot Fetish updates

Updated March 09, 2014

Your Balls under my Ebony Feet
Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax has Hoodman right where she likes all of her men. Beneath her and under her Black feet . Looking hot in her sexy short dress she's trampling Hoodman's balls under her ebony feet. Stepping on his cock squishing his balls flat and rubbing her ebony soles all over his balls. Those sexy toes wrapped around his cock rubbing him back and forth while he moans in pleasure. Ebony Foot fetish and foot domination with GoddessMax.

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Ballusting and mixed wrestling beatdowns
Ebony BallbustingEbony Dominatrix GoddessMax Bikini ballbusting Mixed Wrestling Domination
Mixed Wrestling BeatdownsSexy Ebony Bikini OilEbony ass Worship
Click to Enlarge

Updated March 02, 2014

The French Ballbusting Connection
Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax alter ego Angelique - a French Hair Magnate visiting Las Vegas on business is quietly sitting at her favorite French bistro, Café Belle, when in walks this obnoxious American tourist looking for a hooker. Of course Angelique speaks only French and this lout is trying to convey to her in sign language that he wants a blow job. She in turn in French tells him to go away but he insists on showing her in sign language that he really could use a blow job. No matter what she says in French he cannot seem to understand. So Angelique decides to open a dialogue with this creep that even he can understand. Ballbusting you see is a universal language. It HURTS LIKE HELL in French or English. lol Angelique kicks, punches and knees him in the balls constantly throughout until he finally learns the French Connection. She humiliates him verbally throughout in French while kicking him in the balls and forcing him to his knees in pain with those gorgeous ebony thighs especially made for ballbusting. A ballbusting and mixed wrestling beatdown by a powerful French girl.

Bikini Oil
Ebony Goddess Maxxyne Payne getting her lotion and oil shine on just before yet another exciting ballbusting shoot in Vegas. She wanted her sexy bikini body nice and glowing while she ballbusts Bo in her next clip. She spreads oil all over her body from her toes all up her gorgeous thighs and into her melon sized boobs. She works the oil into the backs of those killer thighs and all over her round bikini booty. Ready and glowing for a hot bikini ballbusting session.

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GoddessMax Fetish updates

Updated Feb.17, 2014

Fit My Booty Shorts Challenge
I've got my Sista here Lady Jayden Payne with this fabulous ASS of hers. Now I've got these itty bitty little booty shorts of mine I've had for years and she thinks she can fit these. She thinks she can squeeze all of that ass into these teeny little booty shorts of mine with no problem. Says she's just a size zero is all.
Here's the Challenge. If she fits her huge round Ebony ass into these size small teeny weeny booty shorts I'll give her $100. And if she doesn't then she gives me $100.
Watch what happens when Ebony Goddess Lady Jayden Payne struggles to squeeze her delicious round ass into my tiny booty shorts attempting to stuff all of that ass into shorts designed for a tiny flat white girls butt.

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Shiny Black Glove Fetish

Updated Feb.10, 2014

Smother Till he Drops
Billy Bob enjoys being smothered, especially with some shiny black latex gloves. It's a fetish he endulges in quite often with the help of GoddessMax. But this time it will be a little different. Goddess thinks it's time to make this one the final. She smiles while she squeezes her hands into the stretchy black gloves. Billy Bobs about to experience his ultimate fantasy and be smothered into the other side. Shiny black latex gloves with black lace and Billy Bob struggling between GoddessMax strong ebony thighs while he struggles to breathe. Her hands covering his face cutting off his oxygen supply for good. These are my funeral gloves Billy Bob she says.

Breathe My Smoke
Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax looking delicious in her vintage lingerie in bed with her fav BF. All he wants is to start messing around and all she wants is a cigarette. Nothing she enjoys more than tormenting her man with her cigarette smoke forcing it into his face and mouth making him breathe it all in. He is of course allergic to smoke but to enjoy all that she has to offer he's going to have to make some sacrifices. Including being forced to inhale her second hand smoke. Take a deep breath honey.....

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Mixed wrestling domination
mixed wrestling in my pink bikinimixed wrestling with an ebony goddessmixed wrestling scissorhold
face sitting in my pink bikiniface sitting by an ebony dominatrixsexy ebony footworship

Updated Feb.01, 2014

Pink Bikini Squeeze Out
Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax in a sexy hot metallic pink bikini looking for a mixed wrestling domination match. A punk she can put the scissors squeeze on. She scissors his head until his eyes bug out of his head raising her hips high up to get the tightest possible squeeze. She gives him a "breather" by doing a reverse face sit on his face suffocating him with her sexy ebony ass while he squirms under neath her trying to get in a breath. She sits on his back and pulls his arms up behind him and gets him in a leg lock forcing his face into her ebony toes. Kiss em Bitch she demands. Kiss my ebony feet. This clip Features mixed wrestling, face sitting and footworship scenes.

Trampled to be Fit
When did you get so fat? What happened Bouncerboi?? Was it all that pizza, beer and fast foods? Is that why your such a fatty? Well I have just the training program for you fat boi. I'm going to be your personal trainer and get that fat ass of yours back into shape. Flatten that stomach with my sneakers and stomp all of that fat back into place. I'm going to trample that fat ass of yours back into shape. You need my personal training advice to get fit again. With the help of my trampling routine we'll get that fat stomach of yours flattened out in no time.

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Ebony Dominatrix Smothering
Sexy Ebony red glove smotheringEbony femdom smotherEbony femdom glove fetish
Ebony Femdom GoddessMax smothersGlove FetishGlove Fetish Mistress

Updated Jan.21, 2014

Blue Bikini Ballbusting
Some girls come to Cali to relax and get some sun. Sit on the beach. Get a tan. Ebony Dominatrix Goddessmax will have none of that. That's for elderly retired women. Ballbusting is why she's here in sunny Cali.
GoddessMax in Cali in her sexy blue bikini shakin her booty for you all. And of course main reason she's here is to ballbust some of these Cali guys. She gets her kicks by........ getting in her kicks of course. Ballbusting is her main source of entertainment. A way to relax and unwind. Get rid of all that tension. Release some of that energy from those tense ebony thighs. Jack Steele gets it and gets it good. He's down for the count a number of times while Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax glows with satisfaction. Who needs the beach when I have all of this ballbusting to entertain me!

Sexy Red Glove Smother
Domina Maxxyne Payne knees Jack Steele in the balls and gets him exactly where he belongs. At her feet under her. Where every man belongs in this Black Queens world. She slips into her sexy red gloves. Sexy Red Smothering Gloves that will cover his mouth and smother him breathless. She sits on his chest and smothers him holding him down with her strong ebony thighs. He struggles and thrashes about but she holds him tight in a schoolgirl pin and takes his breath away smothering him with her arms and hands covering his mouth and nose in a tight suffocating smother hold.

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Ebony Femdom POV humiliation

Updated Jan.09, 2014

We Own you now Bitch - Final Sequence
"Yes your our Bitch!! Look at you. Your a F*cking Mutt. You like being our white slave Dawg??You like being owned by 2 strong Ebony women? To be a slave to the black race. How does it feel to lick the bottoms of our filthy shoes you white cracker? Your nothing but white trash. And we own you now bitch. You belong to us. Our little white slave boi.
On his knees groveling like a dawg under gorgeous Ebony Goddess feet. Don't ever make the mistake of disrespecting these strong Black women. They'll take over your mind, your soul, and then your wallet, leave you beaten down, humiliated and broke. Featuring Goddess Tierra and Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax.

White Piggy Loser - FemDom POV Humiliation with Lady Jayden and GoddessMax
You will never measure up for us. You'll always wish you could have an Ebony Goddess like us but not with that teeny weeny little white dick. Your a pathetic begging dog. a little white piggy loser.
Features 6' Tall Ebony Goddess Lady Jayden a member of the Ebony Dream Team.

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Ebony Goddess Tierra and GoddessMax in Las Vegas

Updated Jan.01, 2014

I own you now Bitch
Kidd Dynamite has no idea what just happened to him. He's introduced to Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax with a business plan for a video shoot and now next thing happens and he's enslaved, owned by a black mistress. On his knees groveling like a dawg under gorgeous Ebony Goddess feet. Don't ever make the mistake of disrespecting this strong Black woman. She'll take over your mind, your soul, and then your wallet, leave you beaten down, humiliated and broke.
I'm Keeping him he's our Slave now remarks GoddessMax to Goddess Tierra. Tierra's feet are sweaty from the Vegas heat and you need to worship her black sweaty feet demands GoddessMax sternly. Or we'll have to beat you like a field slave she laughs. You are owned by 2 black women now bitch. Now get busy and start to worship both our feet at the same time you loser. We own you now!!

Foot Worship Previews

Ass Waxing

Domina Maxxyne Payne has Hoodman right where she wants him. Under her Delicious round ebony ass. He was supposed to bring his latex hood so she could shine it up for a shoot but instead he brought this inferior cheap imitation of a hood. I'm going to sit on your face and give you a facial waxing with my round ass. Rub my ass all over and around your imitation latex mask. You'll breathe in nothing but delicious round ebony femdom ass.

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Mixed Wrestling holds with GoddessMax

Updated Dec. 19, 2013

Gold Plated Scissorhold
Mixed Wrestling holds with GoddessMax. Does it hurt when I do this?? While I squeeze the F*ck outa you? Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax in a gold bikini squeezes Alix between her strong athletic ebony thighs in mainly rear headscissors and rear figure 4 scissors. She pours on the pressure with thighs trained in the gym all year long for just this. To squeeze the F*ck outa your skull when you challenge GoddessMax to be on the mats with her.

Mixed wrestling previews

Trampling Session 2

An actual trampling session filmed with a client from Europe.
It's perfect to have my rug right there under me to support my weight. My sub all the way from Europe under me getting trampled under my size 10 ebony femdom feet. Of course it feels good you have me on top of you crushing you like a bug. I just love to jump up and down all over your chest leaving white footprints on your pink skin where my feet have landed.
My trample pet gets walked on and jumped on with my size 10 ebony feet.

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Ebony Dominatrix Foot Worship

Updated Dec. 11, 2013

Lick em Clean
One last thing left for Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax to do before she steps out in these sexy fabulous black high heel shoes. That's get a nice shiny finish on em by a shoe licking slave to clean em and shine em up for her outing. Her favorite shoe fetish Pet is just the thing she needs to get her shoes ready to go out in. She has him lick these hot shoes clean and suck the filth off the heels. Put your lips to good use she commands. I LOve to see a man's mouth all over my sexy shoes.

My Black Feet on your Face
These size 10 ebony femdom feet are a perfect fit for your face for some face trampling and standing. I love the way they feel when my size 10 feet are standing on your face. I just want to see my sexy pedi on top of your face. Nothing like both of my feet standing on your head with my feet completely covering your face.
Trampling and Face Standing with Ebony Femdom GoddessMax and Jason Ninja.

Ebony Femdom previews

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Smothering Ebony FemDom

Updated Dec. 02, 2013

Smothered with short leather gloves
Cruel Ebony Domme using very short black leather gloves to smother and choke her male victim. She sits on his chest and wraps her large hands around his mouth and nose sealing off the air not allowing him to breathe. He squirms while she presses her hands firmly across his face smothering him and choking him out.

Black Boot Trample
Goddess Phoenix invites Mistrix Ms. E and Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax to her Dungeon in Atlanta for a video shoot and play party. Dressed in sexy thigh high glistening black boots these 3 Mistress trample and crush Hoodman's balls under their heels. At one point Hoodman has all three dommes crushing his balls under their heels. Mistrix Ms E walks on Hoodman's chest with her spike heeled boots while GoddessMax and Goddess Phoenix crush his balls under their boots. Hoodman is trampled and has his balls crushed by 3 Mistress that just LOve to see a man suffer underfoot.

Female Domination Preview Clips4sale

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BallBusting with Ebony Goddess Tierra

Updated Nov. 19, 2013

Room Service
Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax and Goddess Tierra are waiting for room service to finally bring up some towels so they can shower and relax. In comes this guy looking like the hotel just grabbed some guy off the street and told him to get these towels up to room 5555 ASAP. He's not only unhappy he had to actually do his job but gets extremely rude with these 2 girls and is actually offended that the $20 tip was beneath him. He wanted more. So much more.

And these 2 girls give it to him. And then some. Little does he know they LOve ballbusting guys. Punching them in the balls, kicking them till they pass out, and squeezing the hell out of them. He gets more than he bargained for by these 2 ballbusting Ebony Femdom Goddess when they go after his balls with a vengeance. Ballbusting and ball abuse by GoddessMax and Miss Tierra.

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Mixed Wrestling Domination with GoddessMax

Updated Nov. 09, 2013

Figure 4 Scissors HeartBreaker
In her sexy little "HeartBreaker" booty shorts she's looking for a fight. Someones ass to kick. A head to crush between her Hearbreaker thighs. She'll break your heart AFTER she crushes your pathetic skull between her athletic ebony thighs. Featuring from the 2012 MeanGirls club Champion MeanGirl of the year Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax out to retain her crown and remain this years champion as well. This guy gets his head destroyed between her squeeeeeeezing mixed wrestling thighs that just never let up the entire clip. His head is crushed between unrelenting pressure between her ebony thighs in a ton of front straight leg and figure 4 headscissors. Lots of squats and thigh training went into this squeezeOrama. Talk about needing your head examined. He'll need an MRI at the Docs office after this head squeezing session that has him begging for mercy. This is a NO TAP scissor session and he gets no chance to tap out. No wimps allowed in a GoddessMax scissoring session. It's lights out for you Bitch!!

Preview Mixed wrestling with GoddessMax

Smoking in Vintage black Lingerie
Now that I'm all glammed up in my Sexy Vintage Lingerie and ready I think I'm going to light up a cigarette. Nothing like a delicious smoke. Don't you just love this? While I blow smoke in your face?

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Black Glove FemDom Smother with Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax

Updated Nov. 01, 2013

Cruel Black Glove Smother
Cruel Ebony Domme in Shiny Black Latex Gloves with a penchant for smothering you till you pass out from lack of air. She slips on her sexy shiny black gloves with an evil grin . Your about to feel those gloves wrapped around your mouth and nose. Pressed against your face while you struggle and thrash about trying to get in your last breath. But try as you might she holds you down and smothers the last breath out of your worthless skull.

Lick My Socks - POV clip with Lexxi Brown
Sexy Ebony School-Girl Lexxi Brown needs an A to pass. She bargains with teacher to let him lick and sniff her socks on her delicious Ebony legs in order to get an "A" for class. POV Humiliation with an Ebony vixen.

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Face Sitting with the Ebony Dream Team

Updated Oct. 15, 2013

Human Sybian Face Sitting
The Ebony Dream Team decide to use Lance as their own personal human Sybian. Nothing like using a guys face as your own personal sex toy. Lexxi Brown, 6'Tall Lady Jayden Payne and GoddessMax team up to ride Lance like a well worn saddle. They smother him with their sexy Ebony Booty, twerking their delicious asses on his face. His nose gets crushed under their weight as they face sit him one at a time while the others hold him down. In sexy booty shorts they ride his face smothering the breath out of him leaving him gasping for air. The Ebony Dream Team goes on a demolition face sitting derby crushing the breath out of a struggling Lance who cannot believe he's being used as a human sybian by these three Ebony Vixens.

Ebony Dream Team Face Sitting Clips

Click HERE to see more pics

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Ebony FemDom GoddessMax at Fetishcon Behind the scenes
FetishCon 2013 Meet and greet
Mixed wrestling domination with the Ebony Dream Team
Meggerz and Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax

Updated Oct. 05, 2013

Behind the Scenes FetishCon
More Behind the scenes action at Fetishcon 2013 with the Ebony Dream Team dancing and having a blast afterhours. See them in action away from the clipstore filming. This is the Ebony Dream Team as you have not seen them anywhere before out in public letting their hair down. Featuring Goddess Tierra, GoddessMax, Jasmine Mendez, Lexxi Brown.

Preview fetishcon behind the scenes

Scissored by 3 Ebony Dommes
Goddess Tierra, GoddessMax and Goddess Lexxi Brown cannot wait to get started scissoring and squeezing Jason Ninja's pathetic skull between their sexy ebony thighs. Three of the top clips4sale ebony dommes in one clip wrestling and squeezing with those athletic thighs. It's scissorhold Palooza guys!! These 3 mean girls LOve to make a guy suffer more than anything else and delight in squeezing Jason's skull into scissor heaven. They each take turns scissoring and squeezing his head till it's beet red. It's a head scissors fetish fest with ebony ass and thighs galore.
Head scissors mixed wrestling DOMINATION with Goddess Tierra, GoddessMax and Goddess Lexxi Brown.

Your Tiny Little White Dick
Ebony GoddessMax and Princess Meggerz are in bed together in Goddess Tierra's bed OMG..... Why Tierra's bed? Well that's another story but anyways......While rolling around and cavorting in Tierra's bed they decide to humiliate you and your pathetic little dick. That itty bitty little pencil of yours.
"We like Big Black Dicks! Nothing but thick black cock for us. Even Meggerz agrees that you have a worthless teeny tiny itty bitty white dick that would never satisfy. Even she knows that black cock is superior to your useless little dickie."

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Behind The Scenes At Fetishcon 2013 with The Ebony Dream Team

Updated Aug 29, 2013

ALL NEW. JUst Returned from Fetishcon with MaxxVision
We just returned from Fetishcon 2013 in Tampa and are releasing for your enjoyment a huge behind the scenes collection of clips we shot with the Ebony Dream Team. GoddessMax, Miss Tierra, Lexxi Brown and 6 ' Tall Lady Jayden Payne were all there at Fetishcon. This first series of clips contains behind the scenes unedited footage of the Ladies at the hotel and then footage shot during a demo they presented at the Clips4sale booth at the convention. Live Unedited Footage Fetishcon 2013.

6' Tall Lady Jayden Payne is stunning in her latex catsuit, making her first appearance here with the Ebony Dream Team. We have Club footage of the girls bootyshakin, rockin the house in their catsuits and during future updates we will release the behind the scenes footage shot during the actual shoots the girls did for their clipstores. Lots of brand new material being released next few months. Hope you enjoy. This weeks update is ALL behind the scenes at Fetishcon shot with the MaxxVision Camera Crew.

Nobody Does Behind The Scenes Footage with Dominatrix like MaxxVision the GoddessMax Production Team. We Take you LIVE unedited right to the Scene. See it as it happens.

Preview Ebony Dream Team at Fetishcon

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Pantyhose Domination with Goddess Lexxi Brown
Shiny Pantyhose WorshipPantyhose Fetish ClipsWorship Ebony Pantyhose Toes
Shiny Seamed nylon PantyhoseSexy Shiny PantyhosePantyhose POV fetish

Updated Aug 08, 2013

Pantyhose Bitch - POV with Goddess Lexxi Brown
"Come and smell my dirty pantyhose. Smell it! Put your face in it. Suck my pantyhose toes. In your mouth Bitch. Does it feel good to feel my pantyhose on your face? I know you would love to feel my shiny pantyhose on your cock."

Boot Worship with Goddess Lexxi Brown

Lexxi Brown in Black long thigh high Shiny boots that need to be cleaned and worshipped by her boot slave.

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GoddessMax and Mistress Excell Spanking
Face sitting and smothering clips

Updated Aug 01, 2013

Ebony Dommes in Charge
Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax teams up with Ebony Femdom Mistress Excell to give Hoodman the spanking and strapping he so deserves. They double team him in Atlanta taking turns hand spanking and strapping him giving his ass some much needed ebony punishment.
Corporal punishment and spanking by Ebony Femdom Mistress Excell and GoddessMax.

Seat Cushion Smother
Domina Maxxyne Payne in her little black booty shorts prancing around her condo uses her pet slave as an extra seat cushion for the couch. "You'll be my little seat cushion while I sit on your face and smother you! I'm going to choke you with my sexy ass. Bury your face in there and smother your ass."

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Trampling and Foot Fetish with Goddess Tierra

Updated July 16, 2013

Cosmo Trampling
Goddess Tierra and GoddessMax are in Vegas and got themselves a volunteer from the casino to come upstairs and be trampled. Nothing like having a white boy on the floor under their ebony feet to be used and abused. With their size 10 ebony feet they walk all over and trample him like he's part of the rug in the suite. Both Ebony dommes cannot wait to stand on his face with their size 10 ebony feet and feel his face under their ebony soles. They take turns face standing on their little volunteer pet using his face as their little foot stool.

Session Trampling
Filmed during an actual session this was a request by a client of GoddessMax to be trampled and walked and jumped on. He's a huge fan of trampling and loves to be used as a human rug. Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax gives him the camera and most of this clip is shot by the client himself from his point of view below as she tramples and jumps on him. This is trampling POV as seen by the trampling victim. He films her jumping on top of him and closeups of her feet walking on his chest and stomach. At one point GoddessMax takes the camera and films it from her angle looking down at him while she tramples him.

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Ebony Dominatrix Glove Fetish

Updated July 08, 2013

Vintage Black Opera Gloves Fetish
Domina Maxxyne Payne in a vintage corset, and black stockings lounging in her rooftop suite overlooking Sunset BLVD in the heart of Brentwood Cali. And just like every budding Hollywood starlet nothing makes an ensemble complete without vintage elbow length opera gloves. Teasing you with her sexy bedroom sultry eyes she slips on her sexy black opera gloves that will have you in a sweat before it's all over. She cavorts on her Cali Kingsized bed while erotically slipping on her vintage gloves.

Down for the Count Loser
You want summa this punk? This is what you need isn't it? You wanna pick a fight with me loser? You think I'm sexy so it makes it easy. You deserve a beating from me loser. You thought I put this bikini on so we could play? I don't wanna play. I wanna fight!
POV fighting with the champ Ebony Femdom GoddessMax. Your goin down Bitches!

Mixed Wrestling updates with GoddessMax

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Ebony Dominatrix Ballbusting with Goddess Tierra

Updated July 01, 2013

Ballbusting Ebony Dommes
Goddess Tierra and Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax gang up on Slave Andy with a dual ballbusting party. He LOves to be ballbusted but not sure he's ready for the ball abuse he's in for at the hands of these 2 ebony Divas. Both LOve to destroy mens balls. They take turns viciously kicking and punching his balls until he's a heap on the floor. He's never sure if he's going to get punched, kneed in the groin or kicked like a football by these 2 ebony dommes. Hard ballbusting abuse by 2 girls laughing at Slave Andy as he goes down over and over again while his balls get busted.

Preview ebony femdom ballbusting clips

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Ass Worship with SheFightz Bad Ass Babes

Updated June 23, 2013

Purple Bikini Ass Worship
Sexy SheFightz Bad Ass Babe Mandy Armani is in her favorite purple bikini with Alix her Pet right where she wants him. With his face buried in her ass and his tongue busy worshipping. He needs a belt around his neck because every once in awhile his face doesn't do her sexy ass justice and she needs to pull his face deep into her ass cheeks to get much needed satisfaction. Sometimes these guys just have no clue how to satisfy a dominant Diva like Mandy. Brat Girls always know just exactly how to control their men and Mandy likes to make her Pet worship every inch of her sexy assed hot body.

Clips4sale ass worship

Slave for a Black Queen
"You want to fight me now Billie Bob? I'm going to ride you white bitch. Your my pony now. A cracker ass red-neck. Bitches like you. I own you. You wanna talk about being my slave? While I choke you out?"
Ebony Goddess Maxxyne Payne puts a belt around this southern boi red-necks head and chokes him while she rides him like her pony. Then she sits on him and tightens the belt and really puts the SQUEEZE on his neck until he's out.

Mixed wrestling beatdown clips

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