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Big Ebony Ass Fetish

Updated March 15, 2015

6' Tall Ebony Ass Worship
6' Tall Ebony Lady Jayden with her long sexy thighs and big round ebony ass challenge you to keep from stroking it to this Ebony Ass worship Femdom POV clip. That's it bury your entire face in this huge round ebony booty. She grinds her giant round booty on top of you. All you see is ass and legs working you into a sweat. This is all giant ebony ass in your face all of the time grinding you into a big dripping sweat. This 6 ' Tall Ebony Giantess LOves to tease and delights in grinding her big black ass in your face.

Preview Ebony Ass Worship clips4sale

Triple Trample Domination
Trampled and Crushed underfoot by three of Your FAV Clips4sale Dommes. He gets it good under the weight of these 3 Mistress. Their Pleasure is his pain while they step all over and crush him under their sexy feet. Over 400 pounds of Female Domination crushing him underfoot. They laugh while he moans in pain as all three climb on top of him and trample him senseless.
Featuring Mistrix Ms E, Miss Kayla and Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax.

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Mixed Wrestling Scissorhold

Updated March 03, 2015

Black Pantyhose Scissorhold
Mixed Wrestling Scissorholds with some ballbusting thrown in while his head gets squeezed between GoddessMax strong pantyhose thighs.
Now that she's busted his balls it's time to get his head and put the squeeze on him. She's in her favorite black pantyhose she LOves to use for ballbusting and likes to wrap her pantyhose thighs around his face and pressure him into submission. This time tho she plans on busting his balls some more while he's getting his head scissored between her ebony thighs. She uses her heels to kick him in the balls while his head is being scissored. After she works him over in a front scissors she gets him in a reverse scissorhold and now it's time to punch him in the balls while he thrashes around. Pantyhose domination with ballbusting and scissorhold is just the thing to put a big smile on GoddessMax 's face.

Beneath My Ebony Toes
My carpet slave under my sexy Ebony soles. Right where all men belong. On their backs looking up at me their Ebony Queen. For Foot Fetish voyeurs wanting to see me rub my sexy ebony feet and toes all over a mans body. I trample and step all over him and rub my sexy ebony soles in his face teasing him with my purple sexy toes. LOve to stand on his pudgy belly his fat pudgy skin turing red from the weight of my sexy ebony feet pressing down on him. Nothing like a sexy. curvy Ebony Goddess with a man under her feet to get you started am I right?? Pretend your on the floor beneath me while you watch this clip. And worship my sexy ebony toes up close and personal. Remember this clip is as close as you'll ever get to the essence of GoddessMax. Buy it now and live the fantasy in the privacy of your home. Why not call me on my niteflirt lines after you watch this clip. Tell me all about your Foot Fetish Fantasies!!! Can't wait to hear from you!

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Female Domination Ballbusting Videos

Updated Feb 14, 2015

Fitness to the Maxx
Female Domination Ballbusting with Ebony Femdom GoddessMax.
Maxx in sexy tight little workout shorts and her Nike's ready to give out some personal training advice. She is by the way the FITNESS TRAINER to the STARS of FETISH on Clips4sale.
Beau a pasty White Boi who's grossly out of shape comes in for his first workout and personal training advice from Maxx his new personal trainer. I'm all about fitness and being strong she tells him. I train all of the Fetish Stars here on Clips4sale. People come to me all the time for my fitness routines. And I get lots of white bois like you come in in for training advice.
See a Beau get Lots and lots of ballbusting with Maxx the Personal Fitness Trainer to the Stars of Fetish dishing out some personal training advice to yet another satisfied customer. He gets his balls busted and abused but comes away at least toned a little more.

Fitness Training advice


Ebony Foot Humiliation
He HAS FANTASIES OF foot worship but these girls have other things in mind for this foot fetish freak. He gets humiliated and beatdown under their Ebony soles. This is going to be a fun day girls! Welcome to the Black House Bitch. Billy Bob gets slapped around by Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax ebony soles which she uses throughout kicking, stomping and foot slapping his face. Lady Jayden comes in to help and rides him around the room using him as her pony while GoddessMax kicks him in the ass with her ebony soles. Goddess Tierra makes a cameo appearance punching him in the balls while the other 2 Ebony Goddess humiliate him. Ebony Female Domination beatdown by 3 dominant Ebony Goddess. Goddess Tierra, 6' Tall Lady Jayden, and GoddessMax pulverize Billy Bob.

Foot Domination Previews

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Black Divas Humiliate and make fun of small penis

Updated Feb 01, 2015

Stroke it For Us
Featuring 3 Black Divas from The Ebony Dream Team.
Your a Pathetic nasty sweaty Piggy. What's wrong piggy why are you sweating?? Are you nervous in front of three Ebony Goddess? Ladies there's something I want to show you says GoddessMax. Something really big she giggles. Go ahead Billy Bob take off those shorts and show us what you workin with she laughs. All three girls almost fall off the couch in laughter when the reveal takes place. Can you stroke it for us? Do you use 2 itty bitty little fingers they laugh? Show us how you stroke it they laugh and point at his ridiculously tiny penis.

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 Glove fetish and smothering by a black mistress

Updated Jan 18, 2015

Drunk Text Smother
Red Glove fetish and hand smother by a Black Mistress.
Ebony Goddess is mad as hell with Billy Bob. He's been drunk texting her for 2 days now all because he desperately wanted a session with her. Non stop drunk texts, just unintelligible gibberish, that has Goddess in a fury. She lets him come over but decides he must pay a price. And she has the bright red gloves in her lingerie drawer that are perfect for the job. Going to smother his dumb ass until he cannot breathe anymore. Choke him, and smother him. Take his breath away for good. She puts on her bright red gloves and slaps him and spits in his face while he's on his knees. He struggles hard but she grabs his face and smothers his breath away covering his face with her strong hands. She delights in hand over mouth smother.

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Ebony Femdom Ballbusting

Updated Jan 07, 2015

The Secret About BallBusting
I get asked all the time about BallBusting by guys interested in being busted. You wanna do it but you've never tried it. Your cock ACHES for me to really kick the outa you. But you always wonder.......Could you really take it?? Could you take the pain?? Now I'm here to reveal the secret to you. The Secret to BallBusting. The secret about BallBusting that all of you are wondering about. The secret to Ballbusting and how it really works. Finally a video for all of you on the fence who have been wondering about how does this ballbusting work anyways?? And how can I find out if this is really for me. Join me and Find out how all this ballbusting stuff really works.

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Sexy Face Sitting bikini Girls

Updated Dec. 18, 2014

True Love
Ebony Mistress wants to try something different in her relationship with her main squeeze. She wants to try Face Sitting on his face. A new kind of foreplay. I'm sure you'll love it she tells him. Now get your head down there so I can sit on your face. Is it hard for you to breathe? She sits on his head and face holding him down while he struggles to breathe. Don't you just LOve this she laughs - but he cannot hear her, his face is smothered under Ebony ass. Face Sitting and ass smothering with Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax.

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Ebony Mistress Trampling updates


Updated Dec. 10, 2014

Gone With The Wind Fabulous
Sexy 6'Tall Ebony Mistress Lady Jayden and Ebony FemDom GoddessMax team up to trample and dominate Billy Bob with their ebony soles. 2 Hot ebony dommes and 1 lucky guy that gets to experience the full weight of both girls trampling and stepping all over his body with their sexy ebony soles. They dance and twerk and rub their feet all over this guys body. Foot domination, trampling and humiliation by 2 of the hottest ebony dommes on the planet. You will wish YOU were on the floor being humiliated by these 2 before it's over.

Squeeze Play
Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax and Bryan Balldacious are having a conversation over a drink at a popular Vegas Bistro when Goddess decides to slip her foot under the table and start to massage Bryan's balls with her foot. A little cock tease with your martini. As the conversation progresses she removes her shoe and slides her sexy ebony toes into his crotch squeezing his balls with her ebony soles and talking like nothing at all is going on. He gets teased and squeezed the whole time under the table while they talk while Ebony Goddess sexy toes do most of the talking under the table much to the chagrin of Bryan Balldacious. An erotic cock tease encounter with a sexy Ebony Goddess who loves to tease and squeeze.

Preview Trampling and foot fetish clips4sale

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Ballbusting Ebony Dommes


Updated Dec. 03, 2014

Fool Hand Luke
What we got here is...... A Failure to communicate!! Goddess has her slave boi on his knees before her like a scene out of the Godfather or better yet Cool Hand Luke. He's on his knees while she pours herself a stiff shot of her Fav drink courtesy of Jack. He's here down on his knees to be humiliated and corrected for showing up drunk to a filming session. On his knees before the Boss to be disciplined for showing disrespect for his Ebony Goddess. Every white boi needs to know his place before an Ebony Goddess and she has him right where every white boi belongs..... beneath her on his knees looking up. He gets ballbusted and humiliated and learns just who the boss is.

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Face Sitting with Cheyenne Jewel


Updated Nov. 22, 2014

SchoolGirl Fantasies
Featuring Facesitting and smothering with Cheyenne Jewel.
Alix has Fantasies of being dominated and humiliated by schoolgirls in white socks. A fav fantasy is to be held down and smothered while she face sits him under her schoolgirl outfit. He gets a session with who else of course Cheyenne Jewel to be his schoolgirl fantasy. She holds him down on a bench in her dungeon and smothers his struggling face under her delicious ass. Breathing is impossible when she presses her ass over his mouth and nose and makes him struggle. I'm gonna smother you with my pussy she giggles while he squirms around under her.

Face Sitting Fantasies

Those are My Nuts
Mixed wrestling and fighting with an Ebony Goddess that LOves to bust your balls. She starts off right off the bat putting him in a choke hold and then grabbing his nuts and squeezing them until he pleads like a little girl. Nothing like getting your victim in scissorholds both front and reverse and then punching them in the balls hard so they feel the full effect of what an Ebony Goddess can do. This is mixed fighting combined with ball abuse and ballbusting. She wrestles him down and then goes after his balls with a vengeance.

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Black Pantyhose Ballbusting


Updated Nov. 11, 2014

Black Pantyhose Ballbusting
Ballbusting and Pantyhose Domination by an Ebony Goddess.
This Pantyhose Perv loves the feel of sexy black pantyhose on his balls. He LOves to worship, smell, and feel those black sexy hose that Goddess likes to wear. And he shall get his wish of feeling the black pantyhose on his balls. Because these are her ballbusting pantyhose as well. Sexy black patterned hose that go so well with a pair of bruised balls. Goddess LOves to ballbust guys and enjoys every second of this clip. He gets kicked over and over while she shows off in her sexy patterned pantyhose letting him admire her hose in between the ballbusting.

Black Pantyhose ballbusting previews

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Female Domination and Ebony Femdom Ballbusting with GoddessMax


Updated Nov. 03, 2014

Balls Crushed in my Vice
Female Domination EXtreme with Ebony Femdom GoddessMax.
After the brutal hammering of his balls using a 5 lb home depot construction hammer Ebony Dominatrix Goddess wants to try out yet another one of her CBT toys in her toy chest of horrors. It's a wicked little vice that she wants to use to slowly crush his balls with until they are paper thin. All red and blotchy looking from being squeezed flat between two plexiglass plates contained in a vice from the little shop of horrors. Ebony Goddess laughs wickedly when she pulls this thing out and shows it to him. She LOves to play with a guys balls but she never plays nice. It always involves a little pain. You'll wince in pain seeing his balls get slowly crushed in this wicked little vice of hers.

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Pantyhose Worship with Mistress Maxxyne Payne


Updated Oct. 27, 2014

Brown Sugga
Slave Andy thought for sure Ebony Goddess was inviting him back to her place for some Brown Sugga. So he did what any man would do. He took his clothes off while she went into the other room. When she comes back in she be littles his dick and him for being a white cracker thinking he could actually have a black girl. She makes fun of him and he decides to be a smart ass and makes fun of her black race. He starts saying all of the racial clich├ęs that white people have about black people. Let me run out and get a bucket of KFC for you along with some watermelon.
He gets it and gets it good as she starts ballbusting his smart mouth bitch ass. "c'mon and stand back up and take it. How do you like my black feet on your bruised balls?

Pantyhose Perv
Pantyhose Domination for a perv for Ebony Goddess in sexy black pantyhose. He's been abused at the hands of the Ebony Dream Team for an entire week and finally gets his chance at worshipping GoddessMax sexy shiny black pantyhose. During this shoot he gets a little carried away with the worshipping and Goddess has to put him back into place and remind him that this is pantyhose domination and worship not his opportunity to grope his mistress.

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